Sunday, July 12, 2009


Work has begun recently on the Landis Valley House Hotel.

The Landis Valley House Hotel was built in 1856 by Jacob Landis Jr. It is an original structure standing on its original site, which is at the crossroads which met in what was once the village of Landis Valley. When a post office became part of the hotel around 1860 it put Landis Valley "on the map"!
There was a restaurant, a bar and several rooms for over-night guests. In the mid 1950s it was known for its turtle soup and 3" thick ham sandwiches.

There was also a stage coach stop at the Hotel in the late 1800s and Henry Harrison Landis often mentions going to the hotel to look for someone, to conduct business, or (in his earlier years) to get a drink. He also talks about buying a beer at the hotel for his day laborers.

Today, as there is a modern kitchen there, the Hotel is used as a rental facility for special tour luncheons or other special events such as the Victorian Valentine Dinner, a very popular event!