Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Fresh Face of Landis Valley

Blog entry by Shayla Carey
Landis Valley has changed a lot over the years:  homes and barns were erected, torn down, and built again; the Landis Brothers constructed their exhibit buildings; structures were moved here from locations in and around Lancaster County; the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania built replica buildings; and fences and trees have come and gone.  Today, the museum boasts over 50 structures of various sizes, with 9 major gardens throughout.

Over the past few years, the museum has made a tremendous effort to freshen up the site—painting and repairing buildings, replacing signs, building and repairing benches and roads, planting and rehabbing gardens, and installing exhibits.  The result?  A beautiful place to bring the family and roam through. 
From top left:
~Contractors painting the Country Store in 2012
~Recent Eagle scout projects include a new road leading to the Heirloom Seed House
and a fence behind the building
~The bake oven's clay tile roof was replaced in 2014
~The Brick House was repaired and repainted in 2014
~The Visitor Center's fresh coat of paint in 2012
From top left:
~A new garden graces the entrance sign (planted by 2013 Volunteer of the Year Bob Goodhart in 2013)
~The Sexton's House gleams in a brand-new coat of paint
~One of many benches built in 2012 by volunteer Doug Haar,
alongside green arrow signs installed in 2010
~One of two new way-finding exhibits installed in 2015
~New paint freshened up the exterior of the Heirloom Seed House in 2013
These are just a sampling of the many projects the museum has undertaken recently and more are in the works, including repairs and painting of the Yellow Barn and the Education Building.  Landis Valley thanks the volunteers, contractors, and staff that have made the museum the thriving destination it is today and will continue to be in the future.