Monday, July 15, 2013

Learning What Books Can't Teach: Part 1

Guest Blog Entry by Marian Krick

The Landis Valley internship experience is a truly symbiotic one.  They help us and, in return, they gain valuable experience in their respective fields, whether they be History, English, Museum Studies, Tourism, or even Auto Body Technician.  These interns truly learn from the past at our museum and, in the spirit of sharing, they would like to share some of their experiences with you.

Hello Everyone!  My name is Marian and I am an intern with Landis Valley for the summer.  I am a student at Slippery Rock University studying resort management/tourism.  Here at Landis Valley I am working within the sales department.

One opportunity that I have had has been shadowing during tours.  The experience has refreshed my memory on historical information, and it has also taught me about the guests that choose to come here.  Listening to their questions and their stories during the tour is really interesting.  It reminds me that each guest is different, and will take something different away from their experience at the museum.

An especially exciting tour occurred during the week of the Summer Institute.  As our group went from building to building, guests were sidetracked by displays of traditional crafts and other activities.  One craft, which we were told is called a "whirligig", really caught their attention.  It had them excited and talking for the rest of the morning!

Shadowing tours and other experiences have really taught me a lot.  I look forward to learning more by the end of the summer!