Sunday, September 20, 2009


Recently a new interactive tour debuted during our Homeschool Day special event. The tour is called, "Where's Wasser", and is the brain-child of LVA staff member, Cindy Reedy.

This interactive tour is designed for the younger crowd who visits the museum and encourages them to not only get more involved during a museum visit but also to look for clues in spots that might not normally be visited.

By the way, "Wasser" is the German and Pennsylvania German word for water. My brother George and I had several dogs who went by this name. I'll have to ask George where the word as a dog's name comes from...
In any case, using a brochure with clues, questions are answered at various stations. Upon successful completion, the reward is an "I found Wasser" sticker.

I think Wasser would be proud to be a part of our museum program today!

Special thanks to former LVA employee, Nancy Landis for the wonderful rendering of Wasser!