Sunday, August 16, 2009


There was a very recent discovery in the Landis Valley archives.

What was found was a "commutation" receipt for Henry Harrison Landis (the father of the Landis brothers).

As Henry H. was drafted for service in the Civil War on July 18, 1863 (the Battle of Gettysburg was July 1-3, 1863), he paid a commutation fee of $300 to receive discharge from further liability under the draft instituted in March of the same year. The receipt is dated August 20, 1863.

$300 in 1863 is approximately $5300 in 2009 dollars!

Although Henry obviously did not serve in the military, this still makes an interesting tie-in to our Civil War day event here at Landis Valley.

Here are a few photos from Civil War Day.

Union encampment right outside of the Jacob Landis farmhouse.

Visitors getting an explanation of Civil War military tactics.

A firing demonstration.

Our very own Mike Elmer in uniform atop of our very own horse, Lizzie. Mike is a volunteer with our Farm Program and can often be seen driving or riding our horses.

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